Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quadrantid Meteor Shower Wows Stargazers |

Quadrantid Meteor Shower Wows Stargazers | "Cold weather and a bright moon didn't stop skywatchers around the country from capturing stunning shots of the annual Quadrantid meteor shower this week.

Astrophotographer Victor Rogus, for example, snapped a dramatic image from Jadwin, Mo., a few hours before dawn today (Jan. 3) during the Quadrantids' peak. The streaking meteor seen in the photo appears in Ursa Minor, a constellation in the northern sky.

Victor Rogus captured this image of the Quadrantid Meteor shower in the constellation Ursa Minor at 2:39 am on Jan. 3, 2013 from Jadwin, Missouri. To take the photo, Rogus used a Carl Zeiss 35mm lens at f 2, and an ISO setting of 640, on a Cannon 60Da camera, astrophotography model.
CREDIT: Victor Rogus
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"Battling the cold and the gibbous moon was no easy task, but I managed to catch this meteor trail in a 12-second exposure with a Cannon 60Da astrophotography camera," Rogus told via email. "

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