Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: Searching for Answers on Facebook - ABC News

Review: Searching for Answers on Facebook - ABC News: "Facebook unveiled a new search tool on Tuesday that gives users a chance to sift through the photos, places and other information available on the site — all through the lens of their social connections.

Would you like to know which of your friends live in San Francisco? Are you curious about who likes Madonna? Or are you dying to know which friends appeared in photos with you before 2006? Facebook's new search tool will tell you, in the hopes that you'll spend more time on the world's largest online social network.

The search feature, called "graph search," is being rolled out slowly. For now, users can only search in English and the service will be available only to a tiny fraction of Facebook's more than 1 billion users. As part of a group of reporters who attended Facebook's unveiling of the service on Tuesday, I was one of these users."

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